The Square Kilometre Array: a large Scale ESFRI Infrastructure, From the Cosmos to the Cities of the future


Lisbon, Portugal
30th November 2012

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Registered Participants


Leonor Almeida, Nokia Siemens Networks, Portugal
Maria Luisa Almeida, NUCLIO, Portugal
José Amador, Martifer Solar, Portugal
Sonia Antón, CICGE-UP, Portugal
Virgilio Azevedo, Expresso, Portugal
Domingos Barbosa, IT, Portugal
Gerlinde Bedoe, Nokia Siemens Networks, Germany
Teresa Bertrand, EnergyIn, Portugal
Bruno Carvalho, Active Space Tech, Portugal
Salvador Carvalho, Yunit, Portugal
Nuno Catarino, DEIMOS Engenharia, Portugal
Phil Diamond, Director General SKA Organization, United Kingdom
Rosa Doran, NUCLIO, Portugal
Daan du Toit, Minister Counsellor, DST, South African Mission to the EU, South Africa
Nicolau Ferreira, Publico, Portugal
Ana Godinho, FCT, Portugal
Paulo Guedes, Critical Software, Portugal
Marco Grossi, CAAUL -Center of Astronomy & Astrophysics University of Lisbon, Portugal
Leonid Gurvits, JIVE, Netherlands
Ian Jones, Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd, United Kingdom
Declan Kirrane , ISCintelligence, Belgium
Dalmiro Maia, CICGE-UP, Portugal
António Mano, EnergyIn, Portugal
Ana Magalhães, INEGI, Portugal
Rui Melo, Critical Software, Portugal
Luisa Mendes, PT Committee, URSI, ANACOM, Portugal
Ricardo Migueis, FCT, Portugal
André Moitinho, SIM-FCUL and Portuguese Astronomical Society, Portugal
Paulo Monteiro, Nokia Siemens Networks, Portugal
Ana Morgado, IICT, Portugal
Ana Cristina Neves, FCT, Portugal
Alexandra Nogueira, Yunit, Portugal
Rogério Nogueira, Nokia Siemens Networks, Portugal
Paulo Nunes, TICE, Portugal
Rui Patricio, Active Space Tech, Portugal
Margarida Ribeiro, FCT, Portugal
Pedro Rodrigues, Tekever, Portugal
João Romana, FCT, Portugal
Valeriano Ruiz, President of CTAER, Spain
Pedro Russo, EU-UNAWE/Leiden University, Netherlands
Carlos Salema, IT, Portugal
Miguel Seabra, President FCT, Portugal
Hugo Séneca, Exame da Informática, Portugal
Vitor Silva, Logica EM, Portugal
Arnold van Ardenne, ASTRON, Netherlands
Thijs van der Hulst, ESKAC, Netherlands
Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro, IAA-CSIC, Spain
Patricia Vogel, NWO, Netherlands